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GR The Podcast : Episode 41 – Gamer Reaction
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GR The Podcast : Episode 41


Episode 41With Jeremy out of the picture (mwahaha), we carry on without him. First, we do impressions of him though. Yeah, it doesn’t work well. THEN, we move on to real things like Alex and Chris’ first impressions of the FFXIV Collector’s Edition, Cool Thomas Jefferson strikes again, Dianna attacks tampon controllers, Chris beats Limbo, and something about dinosaurs in space happens. We’re not really sure what that was about… but that’s not all! Listen to hear the absurdity that is GR.
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  1. Nice LOOONNGGG Podcast, you guys are a trip and why did you blow an old ladies head off?

  2. Thats exactly how I pictured the bottle opener controller 🙂

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