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Baseball Slays Dragons

I know I’m not the only one excited to see what 38 Studios/Big Huge Games has come up with for their big debut game. When I heard, a couple years ago, that All-Star Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was going to be retiring and starting a video game development company, I both scoffed and had secret hopes that he’d do something great. Well, I’m pleased to see that it looks like he’s well on his way to doing the latter. He has teamed up with a few other all-stars, from fields other than baseball, to form a group to be reckoned with. Alongside Schilling, you’ve got NY Times Best-Selling author R.A. Salvatore, the lead designer from The Elder Scrolls III and IV Ken Rolston, and creator of Spawn and a shmagillion other things, Todd MacFarlane.

WHAT?! Those are some heavy freakin’ hitters! They are all working together to bring you Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a gorgeous new RPG with the potential to knock your socks off. Take a look at the teaser trailer that was released just recently at Comic Con in San Diego.

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