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Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam: More Colons!

Written by Logan Costa

Twas  4 nights before Christmas (or 7 if you are on the PC) and all through your mind, not a game was stirring except for Vietnam.

When I first heard that Battlefield would be returning to Vietnam, with their multiplayer expansion for the hit game Bad Company 2, I was put off. Didn’t Battlefield do Vietnam already and didn’t Black Ops bring us back to ‘Nam’ just a month ago. I seem to have judged too early.

If you had already seen my last article I wrote about this expansion campaign for teamwork throughout the community in order to unlock a fifth map, you will know I have a soft spot for it already.

For this review, we will look at the critical pieces of gameplay that truly matter to this DLC. As it runs on the Frostbite 1.5 engine, made by DICE for Bad Company 2, we know it is technically amazing. I will be judging it on Atmosphere, Audio/Visual, Multiplayer Balance, Worth, and Fun. Now I must ask you throw on some BTO before engaging in the rest of this review (it’s a time period thing).

What time period has a more distinct feel then the Vietnam – American War or ‘Nam’ as pop culture has conveniently named it for our short form needs. Dozens of movies have  illustrated the events surrounding this war with their many different depictions. The amazing chaos and considerable destruction the war left on both nations had it deemed an unwinnable (and by many, unnecessary) war by the masses, and it has become the most infamous war in American history. This atmosphere is transcribed in to the game in full force. Before and after each mission, there is a news anchor style voice over that gives the status of the battle and an overview of the American Army’s view on the outcome of this battle. It gives you a “keep the morale up” feel of the situation whether you win or lose.

In game there is a sense of perfection. No, you are never staged against hundreds of thousands enemies, however the “there’s Charlie everywhere” feeling still rings true. The open fields and many choke points give the levels a condensed and intense feeling. The weapon and gadget selection is greatly reduced in order to make the game feel just like the 60’s war, with arsenal limited to what was available at the time.  When compared to Bad Company 2’s’quick and clean’ approach, the ‘get down and dirty’ feeling Vietnam brings is a breath of fresh air. This game is filled with jungle, swamps, huts and caves, and the first time you push through to Hill 137 you will know what ‘Nam’ is. On the lighter side, American vehicles are equipped with radios which play classic music from the era. This element helps bring a little touch of home to the war in Vietnam. [9.6]

The visuals are absolutely remarkable. Standing on top of Hill 137 is one of the most haunting visuals  in a first person shooter.  The flamethrower is one of the most beautifully done in all of gaming. The audio is on par with that of Bad Company 2, which, if you are an avid gamer, you know is among the best. [10]

The reward for being a Bad Company 2 player is well worth it going into this expansion. Your level carries over and you will experience that high level players have the advantage. This is not without warrant. Players should be rewarded for their continued support and here they are. The guns are very well rounded. The M40 bolt action sniper is amazing to the point where it may receive ‘nerf’ status in the future. The flamethrower is a work of art in the trenches. There are a few balance issues where offense on certain maps seems impossible, but as the expansion has just been released, it is expected that the players might need to learn a thing or two. [8.5]

Monetarily, this expansion is worth comparing to others of its kind. The cost of the expansion is $15. The cost of a Call of Duty map pack is $15 (since MW2). BFBC2: Vietnam gives you a new experience, new weaponry, 4 new maps, 1 recycled, and an overall new experience. Call of Duty gives you 3 new maps, and 2 recycled maps (MW2) or 4 new maps, and 1 zombie co-op map (Black Ops). Numbers don’t lie. [9.2]

Simply put, this is the most fun version of Bad Company 2. It’s simple, dirty, quick and gruesome. [10]

Vietnam has been done, but never so well. I have enjoyed every minute I have played on both PC and PS3 and will continue to do so over the Christmas break. Thank you DICE and EA, you must know Santa on a first name basis.

Final Score: [9.4]


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