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Best Video Game Music?

It has been posed to us that the best video game music of all time is from Final Fantasy X. While I think this music is quite good, I feel I have to disagree. What do I think is the best? I dunno yet… but I’m interested to hear what all of YOU think is the best (or at least your favorites)! Well? Whats it gonna be?


  1. Final Fantasy VII has great music all the way through setting the mood in funny and tragic scenes. Cant comment about X as its the only one I havent played (dont ask long story!). All the Zelda games have great music, I can still remember Ocarina of time’s Water Temple now!. Mass Effect 1 and 2 both have great soundtracks, stand out has to be the last mission on 2. My favourite pieces of music tend to be boss battle themes I dont know why but when they are good I enjoy bosses and games more weird I know. Final Fantasy XIII has some awful music on it Jazz!!??, but has a good battle theme (Sabers Edge)

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