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L.A. Noire – Trailer 3

L.A. Noire – Trailer 3

We cannot wait for May!! This newly released L.A. Noire sheds more light on Phelps’ experiences rising through the ranks ... Read More »

Shoot Many Robots

Shoot Many Robots

The kind folks over at Demiurge are giving us all yet another mindlessly badass reason to shoot things. Seems to ... Read More »

Dead Island Trailer

Some years in the making, zombie game Dead Island has a new trailer. Normally, we wouldn’t be as excited about ... Read More »

Kick In The Head

As you probably already know, we have been keeping our eyes on the upcoming Mafia II from 2K Games. Here ... Read More »

Limbo Big Planet

I’m a big fan of Little Big Planet. I also happened to finish Limbo yesterday. I saw this today, and ... Read More »

CivAnon: No More Turns!

As if it needed advertising at all, Civilization V has a lovely little trailer about Civilization addiction. You may have ... Read More »

Child of Eden – E3 2010

This is Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s spiritual successor to Rez; that brilliant auditory shooter from close to 10 years ago. Not only ... Read More »

Red Dead Short Film

As we mentioned recently, there was a short film made, and aired on Fox, based entirely in the world of ... Read More »

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