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City of Heroes: Issue 20 – PAX East 2011

Written by Josh “JP” Perault

City of Heroes Title

Alright City of Heroes players, your next issue is on the way! Issue #20: Incarnates seems to have a little bit for everybody and promotes some intergalactic diplomacy.City of Heroes Well, intercontinental diplomacy at least. With this new issue, the European and American servers will merge together. And there will be peace…unless you are a villain, then screw peace. Now you can just terrorize more people. Enter maniacal laughter here.

With the new issue, there will be a new task force and strike force. For heroes, they will have access to the Admiral Sutter Task Force, set between levels 20 and 40. NCsoft did not just want higher level characters to benefit, so why not throw something in for the little guys? In the same line, villains received the Mortimer Kal Strike Force, also set between levels 20 and 40.

City of Heroes 2City of Heroes also implemented a raid that will require a league to run, or in other words,more than just five or six people. Think more like 40. For the heroes, they will receive the Behavioral Adjustment Facility and the villains will receive the Lambda Sector.  The Keyes Island Reactors and Underground Pretoria, which are three stage boss fights, were also added.

Lastly, new incarnate slots were put into the game, which are Judgment, Destiny, Lore, and Interface. These incarnate slots are for level 50’s and will effect different abilities. For example, Judgment has an effect on area of effect (AOE) skills while Lore has an effect on pets.

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