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Dead Island Trailer

Some years in the making, zombie game Dead Island has a new trailer. Normally, we wouldn’t be as excited about this type of thing, but once you see this video, we think you’ll understand. It’s not so much the game itself as the power behind the trailer. The concept of the trailer is nothing new -in fact, its been done a number of times- but its always effective and we’ve never seen it like this. Do yourself a favor and watch it in HD fullscreen.


  1. Incredible.
    True story, a few years ago when I first heard about this project and how it didn't have a publisher I pitched it to my old publisher but L4D was about to be released and they said no. Anywho, LOVE IT.

    Really awesome trailer.

  2. Very, very cool trailer. Why are zombies so fascinating?

    • Zombies are the "personification" of our own mortality staring us in the face. It's unnatural as well because we're taught that when we die, we're not suppose to come back. Zombies also mess with the human desire of immortality. Think about it: Zombies are immortal beings and it totally goes against the idea that being immortal is suppose to kick so much ass.

      I loved this trailer. It kind of upset me a little.

  3. Bet the game is dave but that trailer is a-maz-ing!

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