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Dragon Age Origins: Darkspawn Chronicles

Coming up this month, we’ve got a new and very exciting add-on for Dragon Age: Origins! Its called Darkspawn Chronicles, and it puts you in control of your worst enemy. Suppose your character died during the joining and Alistair went on to lead the Grey Wardens against the armies of the darkspawn. Well you’ll get to oppose those same Wardens while commanding Hurlocks, Genlocks, Ogres, and more! Its only $5 (or 400 MS points) and will probably only provide a few hours of extra content. But how often do you get a chance to play as the enemy? Not very, that’s for damn sure. A release date of May 18 has been announced for XBOX360, and PS3/PC will be announced soon. But all platforms should get it this month. Check out this trailer to see what’s in store!

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  1. Wow, i have to agree, this looks very impressive and it sounds like a rather good what if scenario. I think it is far to say i will be getting this at some point but i hope it isn't as glitchy as awakening was. Anyway thanks for the updates everyone.

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