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Feedback with Ken Levine at PAX East!

A live episode of Feedback was taped Saturday at PAX with the usual crew plus one Ken Levine of Bioshock fame.  In typical form, Adam Sessler led the discussion this time with panel members Nikole Zivalich, Matt Keil, and Kevin Kelly plus the Irrational studio boss.

It began with an almost interview with Sessler asking Levine about his life and the Bioshock franchise, finally recapping some of the Irrational panel Levine led the day prior.

Levine pointed to his love for PAX over other shows because it is for the fans and he doesn’t have to worry too much about press and big announcements.

Interestingly, he seemed to hint at one point about how at E3 there are always big announcements, whereas at PAX he doesn’t need to worry about such things.  Does this mean we’ll get a lot more Bioshock Infinite at E3 this year?  We’ll have to wait and see!

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