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Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XIII-2


Well we have a huge Square Enix double whammy for you with 2 new trailers. First up is the reveal of a sequel to FFXIII, aptly titled…. FFXIII-2. Creative, huh? An interesting choice to make a sequel to a game that fans were so torn on with regard to whether it was actually good or not. But hey, here it comes.

The second and, in my opinion, superior video is a trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This video comes in at a whopping 7 minutes and shows not only the amazing cutscene visuals that SE is known for, but also the fast-paced action that seems to be the new way of Final Fantasy. You thought it was fast in Crisis Core? Well it got faster in XIII. You thought that was fast? Not compared to this. Watch the trailer and you’ll see that the second half of it is all action and combat. For a few brief seconds, you can also see that they have taken a minor departure from anything they’ve done before with a shot of someone shooting a weapon, from an over the shoulder camera angle, using a  targeting reticle. Is this going to be commonplace in the new title or a one time minigame type of thing? Will it perhaps be limited to one specific character? Who knows, but I’m excited. There was also a turret in use at one point. I don’t remember seeing stuff like this in previous installments of the series, but please correct me if I’m forgetting something.

All said, it looks like Versus XIII is shaping up to be the game that I had wanted to play when XIII came out. Lets all hope it lives up to what we’ve seen here today.

Our very own Kyle Manchester does further analysis of the Versus XIII trailer here. READ OR DIE!

During the first ever Square Enix “Production Department Premier” event today, a trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was screened and thankfully live-streamed. The live stream gave savvy internet users a chance to press the record button, and pass along the seven minute Versus trailer before it’s official January 27th release date. This beast of a trailer closed out the S.E.P.D.P. and left fans like myself salivating at thought of a possible FFXIII redemption.

The trailer begins with someone calling out to “Prince Noctis,” the game’s main character; who happens to be in the back seat of a car being driven by one of his staffers. In this opening scene we get to hear Noctis speak for the first time, which was one of the promises made by director Tetsuya Nomura in a recent interview. Beyond the voicing of Noctis, Nomura also promised that the new game would see a graphics upgrade; which judging by the trailer he’s held true to that promise as well.

Besides finally hearing Noctis speak, improved graphics, and (hopefully) improved gameplay, the trailer hints at more action than you might expect from an RPG that isn’t Dragon Age or Fallout. In addition to the characters making use of swords and guns, some sequences show Noctis boarding vehicles, including a tank and a bipedal mech. It looks like Noctis will have considerable firepower at his disposal. Sadly all of this glitz and exciting new footage wasn’t accompanied by any sort of detail, one can only hope that Nomura will be more forthcoming with information in future interviews.

One final note: watch the end of the trailer to see what console (s) Versus is coming to when it’s finally released.

A huge thank you goes out to our friends at VideoGamesAndPizza for the heads up on this new development. You guys are what the kids are calling “the bomb”. Am I 15 years late on that slang?


  1. This info was great, I would wonder how well FFXIII-2 would do considering how badly some people have seen it come off as. I haven't even sat down to beat it yet, I enjoyed partially what I have played but with past experience on direct sequel FF games, this could be a brave venture.

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII, however, does look to be shaping up rather nicely. I'm more than excited for this release title, if the new trailer is any indication of what the final product will be like.

  2. Totally impressive! I mean FFVersus XIII trailer, great cinematics and the gameplay looks fast paced for an rpg, even faster than the likes of Kingdom hearts, seems like it's very varied also. Now I can't wait to play this, the amount of detail on the environments is astounding despite watching the low quality version of the trailer. Thumbs up for this one!

  3. It's not that fast… slower than xiii and kingdom hearts. The graphics are nothing short of mediocre. That flying monster doesn't even reflect on water…Was expecting so much better from this one…

    Never thought it would look drastically worse than Final Fantasy XIII, to be hoenst.

    The good thing seems to be its diversity.

  4. Versus looks awesome
    I cant wait to see the story behind it all
    that chick in the armor looks awesome too lol

    nice stuff

  5. @John:

    Isn’t it boring to comment on every single site which is reporting about Versus?

    “would look drastically worse than Final Fantasy XIII”

    Based on a low resolution video?

    They are using the same (but improved) tech as in XIII and you are saying it looks drastically worse? Sounds plausible….

    • I totally agree.. don't people understand that it's a video that was ripped from a live streaming feed? The high quality trailers will be out in a couple of days and THEN those people will probably eat their words.

      • That's exactly what I was thinking. How anyone can pass judgement on a barely 240p video, which was ripped from a live stream is beyond me.

  6. Versus graphics suck. Someone please tell Square this is not 2006 anymore.

    • No no no, remeber that Noruma said that the footage at the event will be before it got a quality upgrade, the lastest graphics so far is the one in the TGS 2010 trailer and that looks fuckin beautiful

  7. content blocked…booo!!!

  8. I hope the -2 in Final Fantasy XIII-2 stands for Hope and Vanille…..

  9. Oh my Jesus.

    Graphics look amazing.


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