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First Look – The Gunstringer

What’s more terrifying than a puppet with a gun? Me controlling said loaded puppet. You can thank Twisted Pixel for making that idea a reality, as their newest game will do just that. With The Gunstringer, players will have the unique opportunity to take control of a six-shooting undead cowboy marionette with a thirst for vengeance. The best thing about this (as if that description didn’t have you peeing already) is that it will be a Microsoft Kinect game. What better way to control a puppet than by actually controlling it in a similar fashion to a real one? Is this going to be the first game to utilize the Kinect well? I have no problem saying that its the first one to excite me, and that’s something, folks.

Dan Teasdale, the Lead Designer for The Gunstringer, has this to say about the gist of the game:

Through a bunch of on stage performances, you get to marionette the Gunstringer through an awesome western themed revenge story filled with action, drama, and mildly creepy puppet love. Having being raised from the dead by an invisible string-pulling force, the Gunstringer has only one goal – to seek revenge on the rag-tag posse that put him underground in the first place.

As we are pretty big fans of Twisted Pixel’s previous work, you had better believe we’re going to be keeping a very close eye on The Gunstringer. They have already announced that they will be showcasing the game at this year’s PAX East, and you can count on Gamer Reaction to bring you an interview and hands-on look at the game. To tide you over until then, however, take a look at the official announcement trailer right here!

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