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First Trailer For Journey… wow.

The first time I heard about Journey was from it’s mention at E3 a couple of months ago. thatgamecompany, best known for flOw and Flower, has rather announced another Playstation Network exclusive named: Journey. Journey follows the concept of thatgamecompany’s mantra: simple gameplay and easy controls.

What makes Journey different from flOw and Flower is thatgamecompany is promising an online experience. Players will encounter strangers and experience the vastness of the world. The creators wanted to create a sci-fi/fantasy where the player would feel almost overwhelmed and powerless with enemies and the world around them. Their intention is to create a game that will create memories and discussions among the players.

..what?   I don’t think I’ve ever heard a game described to me like that and I’m so incredibly intrigued.  There is still almost no information about this game. All that we know is the trailer that was released including some screen shots.

What do you think?  Are you as intrigued as I am?

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  1. That looks amazing!. Art style reminds me a bit of Limbo mixed with the Prince Of Persia I have just started playing on and off.. Never had a PS3 so dont know alot about Flow and Flower. I love games that make you feel hopeless and underpowered and then you work your way up.

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