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Gamer Reaction Partners With Pixel Enemy!

Contact: Dianna Lora


New York, NY- Gamer Reaction (www.gamerreaction.tv), is proud to announce our YouTube partnership with Pixel Enemy (www.PixelEnemy.com). By partnering with Pixel Enemy, Gamer Reaction expands their presence in the video game community and allows us to foster relationships with extremely talented video game content producers.

Gamer Reaction produces exclusive, high-quality one-on-one interviews with industry insiders, plays home to original shows such as Under the Radar and Gamer Reaction, and offers a sneak peek at some of the most anticipated games of the year.

Pixel Enemy Presents is a video content network where independent producers get paid for what they create, are in control of their work, and benefit from the momentum of their peers. The Foundation Partner program offers a unique opportunity to be part of a growing consortium of video game content creators that all contribute unique, original, and fresh content.

For more information on the Gamer Reaction please contact Dianna Lora at Dianna@Gamerreaction.tv or check out www.Gamerreaction.tv.

About Gamer Reaction: Gamer Reaction wants to make your opinion count by taking it to the streets. Gamer Reaction is a show that reviews games in a way that other shows won’t: by giving YOU the power! We have found that very few people want to hear the biased opinions of one or two people who are scripted and being paid to say what they’re saying. So now, Gamer Reaction takes the reviews to the people you can trust: YOU.

About Alien Bucket Productions – Alien Bucket Productions (ABP) is an independent video production company based in New York City that specializes in producing quality Internet media entertainment for all facets of the video game community. ABP will market itself to a niche audience: the video game industry and the gamer.

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