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GR: Awesomecast 100


After fully recording podcast #100 and losing the whole thing, we do ANOTHER 100th podcast because we love you guys so much. This time we have our very good friend Jen (Save Game) join us for ridiculosity. Best Buy declares that Diablo III releases in February, we try to convince Jen to start Star Wars with us, only to have a shocking revelation thrust upon us, and Alex professes his love for a new game. Chris tells us of airplane malfunctions, Dianna teases us all with NES cartridges and then tries to convince us that dancing is cool (does she succeed?!). God of War 4: awesome or nahsome? Aaaaaaand Jen tells us about her time with Saints Row: The Third. Here’s to an exciting 2012, everyone!

**With intro and outro music by This Place Is Haunted**

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