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GR: Awesomecast 105


This week we start off strong with talk of Mass Effect 3. Admittedly, we spend more time on it than we had intended, but you like it so shut up. We also discuss DLC and related internet anger. Also, be warned: Dianna lets a *SPOILER* slip. The severity of this spoiler is very likely far worse for me than it will be for most of you [it concerns a character’s presence] because I’m totally anal about this stuff. If you care, the potential spoiler is from 15:10 – 21:45 [so you can avoid the conversation]. ANYWAY, we also go on to discuss Diablo III’s lack of PvP at launch, Peter Molyneux leaves Lionhead Studios, and we vault into a nice long conversation about the iPad 3 [note: the screens referred to are for Infinity Blade, not Diablo III], the next Xbox and the future of gaming. Join us or die. That was not a threat [read: it was a threat].

**With intro and outro music by This Place Is Haunted**

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