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GR: Awesomecast 57


This week we have with us our good friend Pallidian join us from SFX360. We talk about the Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 demos, Dead Space 2 and its multiplayer fiasco, first impressions on the PSP2 (working title), Magicka for PC, and more! If you want to know stuff about stuff, or just what WE think about stuff, check out this show. For….. stuff.

**With intro and outro music by This Place Is Haunted**

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One comment

  1. I decided to wait and try Dead Space 2's multiplayer before commenting on it and as far as i can see Pallidian is wrong, or at least has a few details mixed up. Unless they added in the features afterwards as a patch you can (and as far as i can see always could) invite a friend into a lobby and you can start a party, only it is like AC: Brotherhood and you have to go into another menu and it has a cap of 4 people (which could be annoying but i can see why they did it)

    Anyway, not wishing to start a fight, just trying to share my experience and maybe correct a mistake. Personally i'm loving the multiplayer!

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