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GR: Awesomecast 79


Dianna gets a first look and hands-on with a bunch of new games and we all get to sit and be jealous (you too!). We’ll hear about a few upcoming Kinect titles, CoD: MW3 and Rocksmith, Ubisoft’s answer to the rapidly dying music/rhythm genre. Chris has a cranky hangover and Jeremy’s back from a 3 week absence. He didn’t come alone, however; he brought some news! Alex talks a bit about a StarCraft 2 MMO mod that will knock your socks off and we all poke around with the modding conversation for a while. YOU ARE WANT HEAR! Enjoy.

**With intro and outro music by This Place Is Haunted**

For Mobile Devices


  1. Is Paint it Black in Rocksmith or did you mean to say "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

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