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GR: Mass Effect 3 Special Part 2


Part 2 of our special Mass Effect 3 podcast! Remember, this podcast has a ton of spoilers in it, so if you haven’t played the game, you may want to avoid this podcast. If you have, then dive back into the conversation!


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  1. Great discussion. Loved it. Really love the (forgive me if I mess up your name) Chris Bella theory. That actually makes the ending a little more satisfying. Beyond that, I have to agree that the Indoctrination Theory is something we fans desperately may want to be real to satisfy our lack of an ending, but at the same time, it does make a hell of a lot of sense. But with what you all said about the rumors of rushed development it seems to be a false hope. We’ll see in a few months!

  2. Cool podcast guys, keep up the good work. Been ltneinisg since ep. 1, and still haven’t grown sick and tired of your ramblings. Keep it up.Registered for your forum too, and just a heads up, the confirmation email doesn’t include the full URL for activation, just the /index.php?blahblah=blah. It’s broken without ;

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