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GR The Podcast : Episode 21


Episode 21Our weirdest podcast yet! We talk about Games. We Talk about CubScouts. We talk about Gilbert Gottfried? How did that happen? I dunno but listen in cause it’s about to get wicked!

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  1. I guess it is cool that cub scouts are getting badges for gaming now. It looks like another sign that gaming is becoming more accepted by most people and that it is being recognised as the big and respected industry that it is…or maybe i'm reading too much into it. Either way it would have been cool to get those when i was in the scouts.

  2. How did u guys find the battle at the end if chapter nine, took me ages but I finally did it a few nights ago 😀

  3. Forgive me, Alex, but to what are you referring?

  4. No my mistake, sorry, I was reffering to final fantasy xiii. How on earth did I forget to mention that 😛

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