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GR The Podcast : Episode 25


Episode 25In our second interactive podcast (after more BBQ than can possibly be healthy), we dive headfirst into the glorious realms of Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy, old school favorites, and peeing in constables’ hats. Thanks to our European fans for staying with us live until 3am.

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  1. Just listened to the Podcast again, thank you so much for letting me take part. Just a few things that need to be cleared up;
    1) my audio went for a few seconds and i missed Alex asking about the uniform, it was infact a military uniform but it was only a costume for when i played Macduff (however, i have two trophies for shooting, so Jeremy watch out)
    2) dispite the fact i just threatened you, JEREMY I BEG FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS
    and just another thank you for letting us be in the podcast with you, like i said at the end of it, it was an honour.

  2. Great pod and congrats about reaching 25!. Dianna described FF13 perfectly with the cool thing/cutscene then boring battle comparison, finished it now and I will never touch it again. Have you guys ever disagreed over a game i.e. one thought it was great the other crap?. Just starting Dragon Age Origins now, enjoying it so far but ALOT of info to take in.

  3. awsome 25th podcast guys excellent work.
    But may I ask… Why when I download it on I tunes does it say it's 46 mins long before I download it then when I listen to it the time bar tells me that in actual fact it's 1h 3mins long???

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