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GR The Podcast : Episode 27


Episode 27

E3 2010 has begun and the gang discuss some of the big showcases seen thus far: Microsoft’s Kinect, the new Legend of Zelda, the 3DS, Portal 2, and more. We also discuss the future of games in the educational system (wtf?), and Dianna has an announcement at the end that will shake the very foundation of your lives. Tune in to hear the unabashed greatness that is our 27th podcast!
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  1. Just the fact that the England drawing is the picture makes this EPIC. I had a great time.
    Just one request…Dianna, please, i am begging you, take control of the computer away from Chris and make it interactive again!!!

    (Chris, you might be my clone but stop stealing my catchphrases like "do tell")

  2. Yeah I dunno how I ended up in control of the chat room. I belong on the front lines……..making lewd comments……

    • wooooooooah…quick response. Anyway, was still fun talking with you mate, and it looks like a new fan club has been formed…the Cult of Caravella. Btw, i knew it was a mistake for me to do the podcast, i got four hours sleep, went in and did the exam and i finished it with 15 minutes left of the time (yep, i'm that clever) so i ended up falling asleep!

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