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GR The Podcast : Episode 31


Episode 30The heat is on! And I’m not just naming the number 1 Billboard hit of 1985. Chris, Jeremy and Alex do a podcast in the dark cause its so freaking hot and even having the lights on is too much. Dianna was unfortunately called into work unexpectedly, so we man up and carry on. You can expect an intense debate about the dis/similarities between ME and  DA:O, a discussion about Darksiders, excitement for FFXIV, and more Metroid than you can shake a stick at (provided you haven’t taken stick shaking classes). Turn on your testosterone, because this podcast is three dudes in a dark room. Wait a minute….
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  1. Is this what happens when I'm not there?! Hahahahaha!!

  2. Great podcast in particular liked the Mass Effect V Dragon Age ''Battle''. Was going to be in the chat but its a bit late for me UK side!

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