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GR The Podcast : Episode 40


Episode 40We would like to apologize for the INSANELY long podcast. We kinda lost track of time. We also blame Chris’ absence for this. That being said, we give a largish recap of last week’s Tokyo Game Show, explain the thematic genius of Solace, Dianna’s recent battle with saved games, Jeremy helps bring Michael Jackson to the world again, and Alex gives you a glimpse of the D.C. Wasteland’s most controversial wanderer: Cool Thomas Jefferson. No one is safe.
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  1. I was going to tweet but I dont think I could fit it all into 140 characters. Brilliant pod this week, I got a funny look when the tale of Cool Thomas Jefferson was told as it made me laugh out loud on the bus, maybe Abraham Washington at Rivet City started off the same way?. Oh one more thing, the Jacko MMO should be called MICHAEL JACKSON'S HEAL THE WORLD

    • Cool Thomas Jefferson is a force that MUST BE STOPPED!! He's evil. I mean, you heard Alex in the podcast last night. He blew away an old lady!!

      /famepalm @ Jackson MMO. o.0

  2. (John) Thanks for the shout out guys, truly appreciate it. Btw you mentioned in #41 you want interviewees. Me and Jay are definitely up for it. I'm the principal founder of the little community we grown here at GeeksNGamers 🙂 We can do Skype right? Since everyone's scattered everywhere!

  3. Alex Moshofsky HOW DARE YOU!!.**mumble mumble**..fox news…civil rights movement..the RAPE of our founding fathers…..global warming… ARMAGEDDON!!!!!! ..the Rise of phill COLLINS(I wanted to write a rant, but damn my ADH- oh something shiny!!)

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