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GR The Podcast : Episode 42


Episode 42After missing last week’s show because of being stupidly busy, we come back with even far greater heights of nerdosity than ever thought possible. How, you ask? Because we just had a full weekend of New York Comic Con madness! We’ll let you know what we thought of the games they had on hand, as well as a few that we’ve been playing at home lately, but not before getting into a long debate about who would win in a battle between a trio of comic book characters and a trio of anime characters. Makes sense, since the Anime Festival was also this past weekend. Lasers, flight, and super strength, guys. Isn’t that what life is all about?
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  1. The Sentry is Marvel's equivalent to Superman. Also, Hyperion.

  2. also the Hulk would kick everyone's ass.

  3. The Hulk even beat Sentry in WWH. Barely, but he still won.

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