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NYCC Hands On: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC

RockStar Games is like lightning that strikes twice in the same place. When they work on a title, they go all out to create an experience gamers love and won’t ever forget; and that applies to their western masterpiece Red Dead Redemption.  So what more can be asked for from one of the best games of the year? Well, I can guarantee that no one expected to see a campaign which fills the wild west with zombies.

The DLC, which will be released on October 26, will not only bring zombies to the world of Red Dead but add zombified animals as well. The story for Undead Nightmare follows our hero, John Marston, as he travels across the land doing what he can to survive the zombies that plague it, while trying to find a cure. Cities, settlements and outposts are all under attack and nowhere is safe. Players will need to go from town to town and search cemeteries to eliminate the zombie bosses. When I finally got my hands on the game, I was tasked with burning a certain amount of coffins in a graveyard to get the boss to appear but with each burned coffin more and more special zombies appeared. At first I thought it was going to be a piece of cake, with slow moving zombies. Then I started to get swarmed by the normal and special infected that would appear changing their pace from slow to incredibly fast, this had my heart beating hard. Some zombies rammed into me and knock me off my feet and some even ran on all fours, avoiding gun shots. Thankfully, the special up-close instant kill still worked. One special infected I encountered even spat acid. I asked a couple of gamers testing out the game what they thought and while one said they couldn’t get enough of it, one player who didn’t even own the game definitely wants to get it now. I joked with one of the presenters about how the new Left 4 Dead gameplay is awesome and he replied “wait until you see the multiplayer Horde mode”.

The multiplayer Horde Mode will be laid out like the Gang Hideouts are set up. Players must go to areas within the game world and fight off waves of zombies with friends and strangers as them appear. In this mode, the 4 different special zombies will appear as well as the zombie animals.


  1. Awesome job Alex and Sion! Can't WAIT to play this game!!! And on a personal note: I really hope Bonnie isn't Zombified. I'd be upset.

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