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Help Children. Support Gaming.

Robert Bowling, Community Manager for Infinity Ward, has agreed to take part in a match of Modern Warfare 2 in an effort to raise money for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

On October 16th he’ll attempt to play video games for 24-hours straight and he’s asked the community to support him by giving just $1 dollar per hour ($24 total).

To increase awareness of this charity event, Pixel Enemy Producer and Modern Warfare 2 commentator BrassMonkeigh will be challenging Robert to a game – in which Robert has graciously agreed to allow himself to get “Noob Tubed for Charity”.

In addition to asking the YouTube community to help Robert out with his cause, BrassMonkeigh is wagering that he’ll be able to get away with even more than a single Noob Tube so he’s turned to the Modern Warfare 2 community for input.

What’s the best way to beat Robert Bowling at his own game? All suggestions are welcome.

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