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inFAMOUS 2 Trailer – E3 2010

Anyone who played last year’s smash hit from Sucker Punch, knows how exciting it is to have a sequel. There seem to be a number of changes in this sequel. Are all of them welcome? It looks like Cole will now command ice as well as his original lightning powers. That could be awesome. It is in a new, far more vibrant and exciting looking city. That is a plus. But who the hell IS this guy? Cole is being voiced by a different actor than in the original, and his appearance has been changed to reflect that. He has hair and tattoos and a v-neck shirt. That’s not a big deal, except for the fact that most people loved the way he looked in the first game. Now he’s Nathan “Tesla Coil” Drake. Hey, whatever. This trailer looks awesome. I REALLY hope they maintain the comic book feel of the cutscenes, but one can only hope.

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