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Kinect Launch Event in Times Square

The Microsoft Kinect launches tonight at midnight and Gamer Reaction is going to be there! If you are somehow unfamiliar with it, the Kinect is a motion sensor peripheral for the Xbox 360 that removes the need for a controller. The launch lineup follows the trend of launch lineups, with a bunch of kind of bleh titles and a couple of gems. Thats always the case because developers are getting used to the technology still, as well as feeling the market to see if their game will be successful on the new platform. All said, this is normal. Its possible that the Kinect will be instrumental in paving the way for games in the future: completely hands-free! Whether you like it or not, the future is here.

Down at Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square, people are already lining up for the midnight release of the Kinect. Major Nelson is down there already, as well, keeping gamers company. Also, Cliffy B will be in attendance later on. We’ll be getting down there tonight for the big event. There will be TONS of people there, so if you’re in New York City and looking to purchase a Kinect from the hottest place in town tonight, get down there as quickly as you can! Oh and don’t worry, guys and girls, we’ll be at the after party tonight. SHAZAM!

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