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L.A. Noire Knows You’re Lying

After waiting 4 years for another glimpse, the new trailer for L.A. Noire is finally here! From Rockstar Games and Team Bondi, comes a tale of murder and mystery set in 1940s Los Angeles. If you’ve seen the movie L.A. Confidential, then you know exactly what to expect in the way of setting and mood. If you haven’t seen it, and this trailer looks awesome to you, then I would recommend watching that film (on blu-ray foshizzle [yes, I said that]). What’s really amazing is the detail that has gone into each of the characters’ faces and body language. From what I’ve seen, it looks to be the most impressive digital capturing to date, and thats important because of some of the features in the game. Not only will you be using tried and true video game tactics to solve the crimes presented, but you’ll also need to scrutinize the digital actors’ performances for clues. Like actually watch people’s faces to see if they are lying. Can you imagine?! Using real world detective skills to help solve the case! If they can pull this off, it could possibly be the most innovative move for the gaming industry in a long time (no, the Kinect doesn’t count). I don’t know about you guys, but after such a stellar streak lately, it looks to me like Rockstar has another top notch winner on its’ hands. Thanks to the hard work from Team Bondi, L.A. Noire could very well be one of the biggest hits of next year. Everything you see in this trailer is from in-game graphics, too. Holy crap! Set to release in the spring of 2011, here is the new trailer for L.A. Noire!

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  1. Holy crap this looks amazing…

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