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L.A. Noire – “Orientation” Trailer

We are incredibly excited for L.A. Noire. Yesterday, Rockstar released an official gameplay video showcasing the game’s graphics and the amazing, facial MotionScan technology.

According to the press release:

“Orientation” is an overview of the game’s core mechanics from searching for clues, to the fundamentals of witness interrogation, and classic action including brawling and shootouts. Using all in-game footage, this first gameplay video in the series explains how your detective skills, intuition and cunning have the power to make or break each case.

Watch the trailer and prepare to be amazed.

How does Rockstar knock it outta the park? Is it wrong that I’m so stoked for this game? I’m scared that I may be hyping this game up too much for myself.

Does this gameplay footage increase your excitement for L.A. Noire?


  1. I don't understand why so many people are so excited for this game!Especially after seeing the video!
    Héhé guys is just a video!

    • Well, we love Rockstar and everything that you've put out so far. We're also huge fans of LA Confidential and this game is right up our alley. It's a combination of stuff.

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