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LittleBigPlanet 2 Official Trailer!

LBP2 has finally been officially announced for 2010 and we are ecstatic! Watch this trailer and then tell me you don’t want this game. I freaking dare you.


  1. i failed. I want it.

  2. isn't it amazing? Makes me want to play some more. 😀

  3. Sexy!!!

  4. i know what you mean Dianna. As soon as i saw this i picked up LBP again and played some user levels. I can't believe that when LBP first came out i was determined to hate it, now it is one of my favourite games. You made any levels?

  5. Oh no! I wish I had the fortitude to make levels. I've seen some awesome ones and played some amazing ones. It really is a fun game. Ok ok ok ok. FINE I'll go play right now.

    • ha. I tried to make some but i never really had the time to make a high quality level. I have one online but i never published the rest, still i guess i just prefer to play the new levels instead of make new ones. It's just easier.

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