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MSI – Taking a Step Forward in PC Gaming

Anyone who has ever built a computer has probably heard the company MSI mentioned a time or two.  For those of who you have not, I am here to educate you in the ways of making your PC good to go for gaming.  Step number one would be the motherboard, and MSI has just the right ones for you.

Think hard and think long about the days of manually overclocking your computer and potentially ruining hardware.  Fun but possibly sad memories, depending on how much you tried to push your PC.  What if I informed you that you could overclock your computer with the press of only one button?  There is no need to call shenanigans on me or talk to your local computer repair place about how much this can’t possibly be happening because the truth is that this has become a reality.  MSI has added the ability to overclock your computer with just one press of a button.  All those headaches and troubles have now been cast out the window.  Thank you MSI, but I’ve got a question for you: what if I’m not a computer technician or computer guru and I can’t build a computer from scratch?  Can I still have access to the same amazing gaming experiences that comes with these easy-to-use boards?  Damn straight.

MSI decided to go down the path of making gaming laptops.  These laptops range anywhere from $800 to around $1500, being anything from a basic gaming model to some of the sickest gaming PC laptops known to man, woman, Jedi Knight, or Sith Lord.  These models are very affordable compared to gaming models of competing companies, offer a phenomenal gaming experience (I saw what it can do and it conquered my brain), and allow better cooling and higher overclocking.  As an ex-sales associate and computer tech for a major electronic retailer, I can honestly say that finding similar qualities in a unit for such a low price is very rare.  MSI presents a great deal and one that gamers who fancy laptops may want to take a look into.

Being a computer tech that builds computers most of the week, I can attest to the fact that MSI really holds their own, whether they are built into beast gaming towers or simple desktops for normal, everyday use.  Thinking about making a new desktop or buying a new laptop and want it to be beautiful for gaming?  I hope your decision is now easier for you.


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