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Musings. Check It Out Or Perish.

So we’ve decided to start hosting writings. That’s write! Like my little pun there? Me neither. We would like to share the work of our good friends, who think a lot like us. If you like us, you’ll like them or die trying.[Disclaimer: Gamer Reaction is not responsible for anyone’s death that was not directly and expensively ninja murdered by us] No longer will you be left, curled up on the floor sobbing, wondering why Gamer Reaction doesn’t have more bloggish things. NAY! Now you’ll be able to find new entries from us and our friends all the time!

You’ll find “Musings” at the top menu of every page on the Gamer Reaction website. Click on it to see the latest post. If you are insanely lazy, you can click here. Be sure to comment if you have an opinion about it. Also, if you find that you truly enjoy somebody’s writing and would like to see more of that person’s work, send us an email and let us know! We’ll totally tell them that they are loved and should work harder to make us more stuff. Keep checking back to “Musings” for new blogs, reviews, articles, written by awesomesauce people! It will be updated constantly and without warning! You’ll never know when a new piece is coming. You could be sitting in your favorite over-stuffed chair, relaxing with a good pinot noir and some Bach, when all of a sudden- BLAM! NEW ARTICLE! The best way to avoid death by news is to check back here often and try to intercept and read before anyone else. Consider yourself warned of the coming radicality (a word now).

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