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Netflix Launches A New Streaming Plan! US Only (Sorry UK)

I don’t know about you, but I watch Netflix. A lot. My Netflix Instant Watch on my XBox 360 account is a whore that we, at Gamer Reaction happily ride… all the time.  OOOOHHHH has she been ridden hard.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that Netflix annouced that they were launching a streaming only account. This is awesome and I love this.  Why?  Because this comic (which coincidentally came out today), pretty much sums up my Netflix experience:

I don’t even remember what movie I have stored in a plastic bag somewhere. THAT’S how long I haven’t looked at the DVDs I took out.

Netflix has officially announced a $7.99 streaming-only plan for the US. If you’re like some folks I know who prefer Netflix will be increasing the service by one dollar to all their DVD plans.  Blu-Ray Prices remain the same.

What do you think US folks?  Are you going to keep your DVD subscription or go full streaming?

Does this affirm that DVDs and Blu-Rays are getting left behind for streaming content?

What are your thoughts?

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