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New Anime From Yoshitaka Amano

If you’ve been a Final Fantasy fan for a while then the name Yoshitaka Amano should be old hat. For those of you who don’t know, Yoshitaka Amano is the man behind most of the artwork found in the Final Fantasy series. See Exhibits A, B and C.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

[/three] [three_middle]
Exhibit B

Exhibit B

[/three_middle] [three_last]
Exhibit C

Exhibit C


Well Apparently he’s working on a new Anime. Check out the official site

Check out the article as seen on Kotaku

One comment

  1. Mitsurugi, wins.
    "you'll die… before me…"


    still neat even tho i view this with a sour taste in my mouth. perhaps more is needed besides a teaser in order to awaken excitement from this. i am ever skeptic of anime in general and hope that it steps out of the norm, as far as what ive come to expect. which is usually an over explained yet non-connective story where every1 battles each other in combat or intrigue and make up new super-powered moves/abilities that takes 3 episodes to explain and pull off. not to mention that every character has to have some over-the-top feature about them that separates them from every1 and everything that was ever conceived; such as a bizarre and impossible hair-do.
    i digress because this is the stereotype i am familiar with and it usually seems that Japan and its story-tellers have come to an agreement on how anime should be portrayed. like the Scion commercials we have seen; where being one of them is to not be like any of them. if i see any of Japan's classic emotes like a large super imposed sweat bead go down some1s nervous face… im so out.
    and yet… maybe it will rock? heres hoping for something neat and new.

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