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PAX Swag Giveaway!

Ok, not only did we get your normal, run of the mill swag when we went to PAX East 2010, but we got some REALLY cool stuff as well! Really cool stuff that we are giving away to you! We have  3 Prize Packages to give away and the contest is so simple, it hurts. All you have to do is leave a comment below this post, telling us the following:

1.) Why you want the free prize package

2.) Why we should give it to you

THAT’S IT! From all of the comments we get, we’ll then choose our 3 favorites and give out the prize packages accordingly. Make it good though, cause you only get one submission!

Also, lets keep it clean. The last thing we want to do is wade through a bunch of curse words and slandering your peers, so don’t do that. Otherwise, go nuts! This contest will be active from the moment you read this until Saturday April 24 at 9pm EST. Anything posted/submitted after that could be a Pulitzer Prize-winning work of genius, but it won’t count. There is no bonus for being the first person to comment, so don’t feel like you have to rush. Make it a good one rather than a quick one.

Our first place winner will get the largest prize package and their choice of either our exclusive PAX East 2010 skateboard deck or a poster signed by The Behemoth co-founder Tom Fulp! Second place will get the second place prize package (duh) and whichever item from above that wasn’t chosen. The third place winner will get the third place prize package (it makes so much sense!). Check out the photos below to see all three prize packages, and good luck everyone!!

Prize Package #1

Prize Package #1

Prize Package #2

Prize Package #2

Prize Package #3

Prize Package #3


  1. I would LOVE to get the Swag package and hers why. I've been an avid gamer since I was 2 years old, and games have been with me all the way up to age 16 (how old I am now). The fact is, though it may seem weird, games have always been a sort of safe haven for me. Whenever I had a bad day, they would be there to console me, and when I had a good day they made it even better. But alas, as I said I'm only 16. And as much as I love games, they are expensive. So though I am now looking for a job to pay for my gaming habit, as of now it's nigh impossible for me to get any games, and certainly not any swag, despite the fact that I love absolutely everything game related. So this package would be a dream come true for me and I'm perhaps one of the few people who will post here that will truly appreciate this swag. And no, I wouldn't sell a piece of it. PLEASE PICK ME I WOULD LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!

  2. ( I live IN Bristol, England, hope thats not a problem :S) I would Looooooove to win this bundle of euphoric goodies because I love games, especially rockstar games and have been playing games, like Scorch256 since i was a wee lad, i'm now 15 and play games a stupid amount, i got the xbox 360 on day of release and played it literally to death (rip) and now have the wonderful Ps3 and i won't be surprised if that implodes, the amount i play it, and as scorch says it's hard to feed your gaming habit, games are expensive especially over here, seeming i miss out on all the awesome game conventions and such you have in the US i would have a total gamegasm if i received a pack of swag!! I also have been waiting for Red Dead Redemption for about 3 or so years (whenever they released the first info) and have pre-ordered the special edition, i count down the days to that game! anyways i'll stop going on and finish by once again begging Please send that funky shit my way 😀 xxx

  3. I would like to post on here that I dont want to win any of the goodies on here as I live in the UK, I would not want to do the damage to yourselves on the postage and packaging plus I cant get my wife home at the moment due to the Volcanic ash in Europe (stuck in Portugal) so dont know how you would get it to me anyway!. Im also very pissed that the cat was not featured in the latest podcast as its interrupting at key moments is one of the highlights for me. I also do not have a cool name like Duke Primus. I had never heard of PAX or Penny Arcade before getting into your podcast so thanks for that wish we had something like that in the UK. I dont think I should win as my wife would freak if I got all this stuff delivered, but she might like the giant teaspoons in the prize package. I also won a NES when I was 7 years old, so think I have pushed my luck as far as competitions go. Right must go have a few hours grinding on FFXIII to go do and find a mark 3 hours away. Lots of love Me x

  4. Hi, my name is Darknessbear and I'm a swagaholic. I’ve been a subscriber of the wonderful, amazing, unconventionally gorgeous (yea) Gamer Reaction Youtube account since I was a young man in the 1950’s and I’ve been consistent about showing my love… like right now. I don’t just WANT this Swag, I need this swag! Do you not see the beautiful Red Dead Redemption shirt? I’ve been salivating over this game since I was a young boy in the 1830’s (…just stay with me here). If I was to get that shirt, I’d be able to go back in time to my youth and save Anne May from that burning building! The one I set on fire… hey she asked me to make a cake. Uh, yea sure… But for reals, all that stuff looks amazing and I’ve been dying to go to A PAX for so long now and never have been able to. Winning one of these swag packs would make me so happy and I would display it proudly in my geek cave and will give me some stuff to decorate with when I finally move out next month! (I got nothing ) But thank you GR for the opportunity and I hope you select me. Your #1 fan. P.S. I love Alex.

  5. I would be honored and privileged to actually win a contest. I want to win the package because I made the biggest mistake of my life to miss PAX this year. I underestimated how fast tix would sell out and now I have to wait until next year to see everything I missed this year. I think I should win this prize because I never win any contests and this would be a great prize. Also would like to throw in my favorite ATHF quote…..tonight, you.

  6. My name is Meaghan Hartie and I would love one of these prize packages because I'm a huge fan of video games in general. I've played games since I was 4 years old and have studied to be a game designer (a job I'm still trying for) since I was in high school. I've been a fan of gaming studios like The Behemoth and Rock Star Games for as long as they've existed and as long as I can remember. I've even played Castle Crashers more times then I can count and am looking forward to a lot of the games coming out from many of the gaming studios that were at PAX East (which I wish I could have gone to but I couldn't afford to go). If you give me some awesome swag from PAX East, know that you'll be giving them to a major female gaming fan who would be really grateful. Love, Meaghan <3

    • If I win a prize package & you don't, I'll share some with you because I gotta encourage girl gamers. It's worth awesome PAX swag to recruit 1 more girl gamer because the world needs them. =D

  7. I deserve it because, I didn't get ANY chance to go to PAX at all, since it was impossible, i love video games and stuff like that, you're podcast is amazing, and i will get around to watching the show sooner or later.

  8. I want the free prize packages because while I went to PAX, I got very little swag. Essentially all I really got was the bag you get when you enter. It was so packed most of the stuff went fast. Also, I was really tired so I ended up only going to a few booths. Instead I laid on the bean bags trying to enjoy PAX with how horrible I felt.

    You should give it to me because my PAX experience was tainted by my own errors and my friend’s shoddy advice. First, I stayed up really late the day before PAX to write a paper that was due. I found out later I didn’t have to do it. Second, I had planned on parking at the same location we did the last time we were in Boston (it’s free), but because my friend wanted to save himself $8 (or something like that) from the subway, he told me there was probably free parking near the convention center. We found out when we got there it wasn’t true and hating to drive in Boston from awful past experiences, we ended up in a parking garage. Having not ever parked at a garage I asked if we paid beforehand. I assumed so when he handed me a ticket for my cash. We found out later he was NOT suppose to let us pre-pay and of course, I had lost the ticket; I paid $26 for it. In the end I spent $75 on parking for the two days we were there. I didn’t buy anything because of how much it cost while my friend splurged all his cash on t-shirts and other miscellaneous items. Seeing it was mostly his fault for assuming without actually checking, he promised to pay me $40 back. To no surprise, he has not paid me back yet. He’s owed me $10 since August and $22 since December. I doubt he ever will reimburse me. This swag would really cheer me up.

  9. I'm Cortney Zamm. I went to PAX East and had a blast, but unfortunately someone stole my PAX East scarf on the very last day of the convention. I was super sad because they all sold out. If I won your prize package, it'd totally make up for it!

  10. I would be very pleased if I were to win a Swag Package.

    The thing is, I'm a superhero.

    I know it's probably shocking and hard to believe, but I feel now is as good a time as any to share it with the world. As ludicrous as it may sound, I do indeed fight crime with extraordinary powers. However, as a hero, I don't have very much swag. In fact, it's like having negative swag. I always have to keep my identity secret so I can't just go looking for swag, or people might get suspicious of my true persona.

    If I were to receive a Swag Package, however, I would have some new tools for crime fighting. I would call them Superhero Swag! It would be the only swag I have as a hero. And I'm not trying to bribe you or anything, but the next time you are being mugged or harassed by thugs, just remember that a certain hero will always step in to protect you.

    With Superhero Swag in tow, I would have new powers, amazing powers to stop evil-doers in the gaming community! The next time I saw a 14 year old asking about Modern Warfare 2, I could release the kraken on his underage fanny and turn him into a respectable teenager, one who would go in and talk about how much he enjoyed Metro 2033. He would ask in anticipation about great titles like Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake, and never again would we have foul criminals poisoning the world of video games!

    …but this world will only be a reality with your Swag Package.


  11. Just testing something

  12. the reason why i want the package is because i have never been to any event like PAX (boo hoo) i've always wanted too but have never had the chance which means that i don't have any game themed swag or any game t shirts which is worse than the transformer movie! the reason why i think i deserve the swag bag is yet again because i am lacking in gaming awesome-ness to have a t-shirt emblazened with RED DEAD REDEMPTION would be a huge bird flippin' to the man thats right im wearing a t shirt about gaming what about it? FIGHT THE POWER plus i've been such a huge fan of gamer reaction i eagerly wait every wednesday for itunes to load up that bad boy and when i see its 1 hour 30 i high five the gaming gods for letting me listen to all those hilarious seconds combined with gaming info to which i can spurt to my friends ( in a totally non gay way) plus i'm a gaming nerd and proud i have a red trilby covered in gaming badges and i wish to match it with gaming swag galore also i'm from england yeah how cool is that 😛 pip pip tally ho and all things spiffing

  13. Hey everyone, just thought i would enter i guess for the fun of it.

    I want to win because i've had no chance to go to any gaming convention in my life, everything is always so far away and expensive and since there is barely anything like PAX in the UK (atleast within my travel distance) i always feel like i am missing out on these kind of things.

    The reason why i should get it is simple. I AM THE LAW…AND THE LAW COMMANDS IT!!!!!

    In all seriousness though, i don't think it would be a good idea to even think about letting me win, if i did win (which i doubt, some of these posts have made me laugh a lot) it would be far too inconvienient and, i suspect, expensive to send anything this far. Ha, look at me talking about the possibility of winning. Anyway, good luck to all of you, my fellow competitors!

    Thanks for everything Gamer Reaction!

  14. I need this stuff to make me feel better. I've been having a bad couple of days. You may have heard of me. I'm the the guy who dropped the new iphone. I made a mistake. Granted, it was the biggest mistake of my life, but you can prevent making such a mistake. Give me a swag pack. Please?

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