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Pics of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark

A couple of months ago, I was getting ready for work and I flipped on the old TV.  It just happened to be that the first channel that popped up was “Good Morning, America” and they were doing feature of the new musical that’s coming to Broadway Spiderman: Turn off the DarkNot gonna lie, I actually dug some of the music.  I mean, it is is being done by the dudes from U2.

Anyway, just recently, some pics were released courtesy of the New York Post and Vogue and I’m little embarrassed.  They look TERRIBLE! I mean, who did the photoshop on these pics? And why am I suddenly embarrassed for saying that I liked the music.    Anywho:

Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

WHAT is going on here? Green Goblin looks sooo bored, and the photoshopping… *shudder*. Why is Spiderman riding on his back? Where are they going?!

Who the hell is this?! I’m gonna assume they created this female character so she can belt the shit outta her songs. Her costume is FIERCE though…

Poor Carnage.. you look like a a bad cosplayer…


  1. A part of me just died, a new part of me called Nega-Sin will destroy all.

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