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Red Dead Giveaway is over!

We got tons of entrants and many correct answers. However, as we can only have one winner, we took the first EXACTLY correct answer and have awarded them the prize. Congratulations to Shayan Hasani for winning the Red Dead Giveaway. The correct answer was that the shot was from the classic western by Sergio Leone “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly“. The scene with the dynamite was a recreation of the scene in the film wherein the Man with No Name places a rock on the ground, promising that there is a name written on the bottom that corresponds to a grave marker in the cemetery they are standing in. This grave contains the $200,000 of gold that they are all searching for. After the shootout, it is revealed that the stone is blank. It is blank because the grave is an unmarked grave so there was never any name to write.

Now, we got plenty of good answers. Most of which were correct. A few were exactly correct. But the FIRST exactly correct answer was submitted by Shayan Hasani. Congratulations! Please contact us again through the Contact page that you originally submitted on, and provide your mailing address and email. Then we’ll ship out your amazing winnings!

Thank you to everyone who played! You can look forward to more contests in the future because we love giving people stuff. Until then, keep tuning in to the podcast and check our site regularly for updates on Gamer Reaction!


  1. Damn… that's an awesome scene.

  2. congrats…so jealous…

  3. Don't worry guys! There are still many chances to win! We're already planning our next contest so look for that. We love givinv away stuff!!!!

    While you wait, check out the podcasts,videos, and updates on our site. 🙂

  4. I'm gutted n I really needed soap 2 lol.

  5. Hey i actually won it… Thanks a lot guys god bless you

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