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“Red Dead Giveaway”

This is an old movie that Alex and Jeremy were a part of in college. After watching the video (and reveling in our awesomeness) , send us an email telling us:


a) what movie our short film’s climax draws directly from


b) when Bad Man #2 puts a bundle of dynamite on the ground, it is
directly recreating a shot from the movie answered in part a) HOWEVER,
it is not originally dynamite. What was the original item and what was
its’ significance?


The first person to send us the correct answers will walk away with the whole Red Dead Redemption package. There is no prize for second
place, so be the first to win! We will announce the winner on Wednesday, June 2nd. You have until then to submit your answers.

Good luck to you all, and I hope you love your westerns! YEE-HAW!


  1. As much as I would have loved to enter, I'm probably not old enough to remember this film 😛

    • Ask a friend, ask a parent. Tell your friends! If anything, at least enjoy the student film Alex and Jeremy made. 🙂

  2. i hope i sent the correct answer to the correct place and hopefuly i will be the first 😀

  3. I submitted the answer, we are definitely right, and I hope the other comment with the answers didn't count, because then we might win!

    • Well I know from my answers that someone had to have won by now, so why do you keep the contest going? In 2 days, my Amazon order will be canceled, and so if we won we really need to know fast. *hopes*

  4. ya i put the correct answers 3 hours after the video was posted on YouTube so hopefully i was the first! 😀

  5. oh and dont call people liars if u r not sure

  6. and the reason i am not telling u the exact answer is that i don't want to be disqualified.

  7. Thanks for the contest =D entered a while back but just commenting to say thanks =D

  8. did ya forget about the giveaway i cancelled my time to gamestop so i could get it free

  9. Actually, the contest ended yesterday. Check out the updates page where the winner was announced! 🙂

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