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Sarif Industries – Evolve Yourself

I was poking around the web this morning and came upon a neat new viral website from Square Enix promoting their upcoming sequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you’re unfamiliar with the original it may be a little dated to go back and play now, but when it released for the PC in 2000 (and PS2 in 2002), Deus Ex: The Conspiracy was a fantastic first-person cyberpunk game with RPG elements. It was awesome. Now, 10 years later, the followup is just a few months away. When you get to the new viral website , you’ll be greeted by a highly polished and very impressive cybernetic prosthesis company page. It is absolutely gorgeous. While I was reading everything the site had to offer, occasional attempts as cracking the firewall were spotted on the screen, until finally the site got hacked and I entered into amini-game. In the game, I needed to traverse this web of data to find specific folders to unlock, whilst avoiding detection software. Its a neat little game, but nothing special. Upon collecting all four of the folders you need, you are treated to 4 “classified” pictures of what Sarif Industries is REALLY up to: high tech combat prosthetics and stealth capabilities. I think we’ve learned by now that no company that works in advanced robotics or human augmentation can be expected to be a clean company. There’s just too much opportunity for billion dollar defense contracts and world domination. Sarif Industries is no different.

Now, in case you are really lazy and don’t want to see the website or play the mini-game, here are the files you will unlock.

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