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Season 2 Launches!

Its been a long time coming, everyone. Mountains have been climbed and seas crossed. Battles were won and monuments built. Lives have been changed forever and sandwiches have been made…. and eaten. Now, we finally have the second season of Gamer Reaction for you. Tomorrow, our first glorious episode will be hitting the internet right in the face, taking its’ lunch money, and walking down the halls of Awesome to 3rd period math class. We’ve all worked really hard to bring you all what you have come to expect from the Gamer Reaction team, and more. Some of your brains will melt from the high levels of RADiation (like that?). Some of you will instantly gain 6 cavities from the extreme sweetness this show exudes. Beforewarned, ladies and gentlemen, that Season 2 of Gamer Reaction is upon you and you will watch it. You will watch it and you will love it. There is no escape.

Those pleasantries aside, we are very excited to bring you Gamer Reaction Episode 1: The Phantom [Something Clever]. We truly hope you enjoy it. If (read: when) you DO enjoy it, spread word of its’ awesomeness to all who would listen. Together, we can usher in a new age of webseries, with Gamer Reaction at the helm and you, the loyal viewer, at its’ right hand! There is nothing we can’t do if we work together. United we stand, divided we fall. Children are our future. Winners don’t do drugs. Be cool, stay in school. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. Ok, that got a little obscure. Sorry.

We will be launching Episode 1 not only on our illustrious website (psst, you’re already there!), but also with our partner, Pixel Enemy, on their YouTube channel. You can find it here. And here.We encourage everyone to go there and subscribe right away; that way, there is no way you can possibly miss our epic Episode 1 setting sail for the great lands of Badassinia and the Republic of Geekington. You can also check back here, because we know you have us bookmarked, for all of our latest episodes and updates! Join us for this voyage and you may come away with riches the likes of which will be told about by travelling bards and storytellers in great halls  and small campfires until the angels sing and the trumpets sound.

Go forth and be excellent.

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