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Section 8 for 9.99?!

“Hey Europe. How’s it going? Still…. err….. European?” Goddamn I’m clever.

“Sure, you’re a genius. What do you want?” Europe asks with an annoyed eyeroll.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t see that. Guess what. PS3’s multiplayer FPS Section 8 is on sale! From August 4th – 18th, you can get the game for 9.99 EUR.”

“That’s stupid cheap!” Europe exclaims.

“I know!” Gamer Reaction replies with equal fervor.

“Why am I not buying this right now?!” Europe questions.

“I don’t know!” Gamer Reaction replies with fervor equal to its’ previous fervor.

“ZOMGPEACE!” Europe screams as it dramatically salutes us goodbye, en route to its’ PS3, wallet in hand.

What you just was only a slight dramatization. I did call Europe at one point, and Section 8 is on sale for two weeks. Go check it out, or I’ll punch you in the spleen. [Please note: Alex’s arm is long, but not so long that it can intercontinentally sock you in the organs]


  1. Where is it available for $9.99?

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