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Shoot Many Robots

The kind folks over at Demiurge are giving us all yet another mindlessly badass reason to shoot things. Seems to be the trend right now with games like Duke Nukem Forever and Bulletstorm on the way, each putting heavy focus on pure visceral kickassery. Well Demiurge has a right to that as well, and their new arcade game Shoot Many Robots takes full advantage. With up to four player co-op, this Contra meets Metal Slug type sidescroller looks like it could be just the thing for anyone looking for a hardcore frenetic action title this year without breaking the bank. And for us old folks who actually played sidescrollers when they were king, this should feel like a natural throwback for us with a little kick in the pants for the modern audience.

It should be noted that, while Demiurge has been an important part of huge games like Borderlands, Mass Effect and Rock Band, this is their very first totally original and independently owned game. What an emergence! We’ll keep our eyes on this one for you guys.

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