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Sony Playstation Move – E3 2010

Say what you will about how Sony and Microsoft scoffed the scoff of a thousand scoffs when Nintendo released the Wii, and now here they are, running to catch up. Here’s the facts: Nintendo innovates, then the other kids do it better. All the credit should still go to Nintendo, but looking at what the Playstation Move can do, I’m far more inclined to play those games than most of my Wii games. Sure, both Sony and Microsoft are coming out with a bunch of seemingly ported Nintendo games at the outset, but it also looks like the tech behind them is better.

For example, the Move doesn’t only recognize where the wand is in relation to the sensor. It also recognizes where the rest of your body is in relation to the wands. To better demonstrate this, we found a video that IGN posted, showcasing an actual 1:1 tech demo. Check that out below.

However, it looks like we might also see a rash of games that are already out, getting a Move “upgrade”. Whether this is necessary or not is up to you to decide. Sometimes, it may prove to be an improvement. Sometimes, it may be a gimmicky add-on that makes you want to stab puppies out of frustration. I suppose we’ll find out this winter. Here’s an example of a game that’s getting this “upgrade”, as seen at E3 2010. You decide if it’s cool or not.

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