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“Fling”: Stick-on Joystick Making Premiere at CES

For those of you with an iPad, touch screen playing is pretty cool. You have to admit though, there is a small part of you that misses solid buttons and joysticks. I personally know some folks who say that the only reason they wouldn’t buy an iPad for gaming, is the lack of actual buttons and joysticks. Ten One Design is looking to sway those of you who’ve been on the fence when it comes to iOS gaming.

The “Fling” is essentially a little nub that sticks to the iPad’s screen over the directional pad of any applicable game to deliver “ultimate control and superb response for full gaming immersion“.

Interesting eh?

Ten One Design promises that the design of the Fling creates resistance and won’t easily come off your iPad. They also promise that the Fling won’t block your screen due to its transparency.

Check out the video at the bottom and see it in action.

What do you think? The Fling is looking to get more people to play games on the iPad. Would you want to carry the Fling around? Is it totally worth it? Do you think developers will have to start thinking about where they place the controls of their games? Will I ever stop asking so many questions?

The Fling can be pre-ordered now at www.tenonedesign.com for $24.95 and will begin shipping at the end of January.

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  1. I wish Apple would make a real jstick… Interesting though

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