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Swarm Mass Murders For Fun. YAY!

If you delight in the mass murder of oblivious little blue guys, then this is the game for you! New from Hothead Games,  Swarm gives you control of up to 50 curious and semi-retarded Sawrmites, and your goal is simple: get them from point A to point B. However, getting there isn’t so simple. In what feels like a bit like Pikmin gone horribly wrong (read: right), your poor little Swarmites will be moved as a group through horrible traps, perils, and pitfalls on their way to the end of the level.

The wonderful thing about Swarm is that you are rewarded for allowing, encouraging, or even forcing creative death on your tiny wards. In fact, the more death the better! Just don’t lose them all or you’ll have to respawn at a checkpoint. So far, the game looks very promising and we look forward to doing a full review on Swarm soon. Until then, here’s a delightful trailer that was banned by the ESRB, though I can’t imagine why…

Filmed at PAX East 2011:


  1. I want this so bad, it's like the Lemmings of a new age.

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