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The Darkness II Gets a Release Date

2K Games announced today that The Darkness II, the sequel, The Darkness, now has a release date!

The Darkness II will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 4, 2011 in North America and October 7, 2011 internationally.

If you missed it, we covered the preview of The Darkness II at Pax East this year– check it out here!



Inspired by the supernatural horror comic book series created by Top Cow, The Darkness II breaks from the sea of conventional first-person shooters (FPS), and takes players down a brutal and personal path as Jackie Estacado, wielder of Darkness – an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction.

The Darkness II uses  Quad-Wielding gameplay. Empowering players to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies using Demon Arms, while simultaneously firing two weapons.



According to the press release

[ The Darkness II is] layered with intricate uses of dark versus light gameplay, the game engulfs players in a whole other level of sophisticated combat. Combined with a complex and twisted storyline, and stylistic violence that is visualized through a hand-painted graphic noir technique, The Darkness II harkens back to its roots of the comic book origins for fans and newcomers alike.

It’s been two years since Jackie Estacado, now the Don of the Estacado crime family, used Darkness to kill the men responsible for his girlfriend’s murder. Jackie continues to have haunting visions of his beloved Jenny since her death. He’s tried to cope by bottling up his supernatural power, and now Darkness wants out. A sudden, unprovoked attack on Jackie’s life heralds the start of a full-scale mob war, which has clearly been orchestrated by some outside force. The botched attempt opens the door for Darkness to reemerge, and sets Jackie on a journey to hell and worse, as he unravels the mystery behind the attack and the motivations of Darkness itself.

Here is the new trailer for your enjoyment:

If you haven’t checked out The Darkness yet —  Buy it here for US and Here for UK .

PRE-ORDER  The Darkness II —  Here for US and, for some reason we don’t have a link for UK folks. We’ll update that when it becomes available.

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