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Turtle Beach Showcases New Headphones at PAX East

Gamer Reaction met with the folks at Turtle Beach today at PAX to take a look at two of their gaming headsets, the cheap and streamlined P11 model and the blow-your-socks-off luxury model, the PX5.

The P11 offers stereo sound on two adjustable channels; one amplified line for in-game sound and another separately adjustable, dedicated line for voice chat.  Retailing at a cool $59.95, the P11 offers a step up from otherwise missable audio nuance in today’s games at an affordable price.

The second model they showed us, the PX5, is a little steeper at $249.99.  Okay, it’s a lot steeper, but also comes with way more bells and whistles, the first of which being that it offers wireless Dolby Surround Sound.

Two other high points of the PX5 that stood out for us were, first, the ability to answer phonecalls on the headset seamlessly in-game, and second, the ability to set custom presets in the device to, say, remove all the sound from COD: Blops except for footsteps, giving players a competitive edge.

This second piece is possible thanks to the new PX5 Advanced Sound Editor, which will, to quote their press release:

enable game developers to design customized, easily uploadable audio settings for today’s hottest titles [and] deliver game-specific, enhanced in-game audio settings.

Dead Space 2 developer Viceral Games was among the first to incorporate the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor into their game.  Via a visit to turtlebeach.com and USB uplink, any of these developer-made presets can be uploaded to the PX5 headset for an enhanced audio experience.

For competitive FPS the PX5 is a must-have for the reason of these presets alone, but as survival-horror Dead Space 2 will illustrate, this headset will also give single-players the tactical advantage when stepping into a necromorph-invested dark room.

Grab them both at www.turtlebeach.com.


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  1. Love it! I still don't know all the stuff my headphone does……probs never will. Thank you share.

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