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Uh oh. Bored now.

AlexSo just recently, an amazing thing happened to me that has never happened before. I finished all my games. Now, I’m notorious for not finishing games, thereby leaving myself with something to fall back on at any time, should I find myself bored. Now, this is not the intention when I leave games unfinished, but it IS a nice result. Usually, the reason I don’t finish something is because I see something shiny and have to play another game, regardless of how good or bad the game I’m currently playing is. For example, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an amazing game. Just ask Jeremy. Hell, he might even stab you if you disagree with him on it. Don’t be fooled by mild-mannered Jeremy Salig, ladies and gentlemen. He might do terrible things if Oblivion told him to do them. Anyway, I was playing Oblivion and loving it, when suddenly, Gears of War came out. Uh oh. Cyrodiil immediately lost its’ luster and all I could think about was murdering Locusts. You see, I have a major issue when it comes to focusing on one thing. I only do it until something else catches my eye. VGADD? Yeah, its a condition I just made up, but its a serious one. I have been working on playing only one game and seeing it through to the end, lately. I have been partially successful. The big problem now is that I have nothing left to play.

When a normal person finds his or herself in this kind of predicament, there are a few normal person responses:

1. Go buy a new game
Now, while I would love to do this, I have no dollars. A sad result of having joined the statistical ranks of the unemployed recently. No dollars means no shiny new game. Sure, I could try selling my body for science or pleasure in an attempt to collect enough coin to go get myself a game fix, but I’m not convinced that this is a healthy route to travel. I love games, but I value my health.

2. Borrow a game from a friend
I’m working on this one. I recently borrowed and completed Darksiders from Jeremy. He has offered up Borderlands to me with high recommendation. I’m just not sure if I want a shooter right now. I know, I know. Its not just a shooter. Its like a first person shooter RPG type thing. I’m still on the fence about it. Sure, the game is there for the taking, but my drive to play it is low.

3. Replay a game
Fuck that. I don’t replay anything. Like….. ever. I might restart something, with the intention of replaying it, but the result is always the same. I love a good story, and once I’ve heard it, I don’t care as much about devoting 20+ hours to hearing it again. “But Alex, some of these games have multiple paths you can go, with branching plotlines and blah blah blah blah-” I don’t care. The main story is the same, so go stuff it. Regardless of how great Mass Effect 2 might be on a second playthrough, or Heavy Rain with its Choose Your Own Adventureness, sloppy seconds just doesn’t interest me. In a delicious turn of irony, I do not seem to have as big an issue with this while watching movies. Sure, the first time is always the best for me, but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen Predator twelve times and its always awesome.

4. Steal a game
Ok, this is not a very viable option for two reasons. First off, I can’t steal from people. I mean real people, like friends and stuff. They are my friends. Why would I steal from them? You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting the idea. Besides, real people spend real money that they real earned (<–grammar check). When I have my things stolen, I get very upset. Why would I want to put someone else through that? Secondly, stealing from video game stores has become remarkably difficult over the past 10 years or so. Sure, there may have been a time when my scruples took a back seat to my wandering hands, but no more. Why? Mostly because the benefit no longer outweighs the risk. I’m no longer a minor, and its way too freaking hard these days. I have no problem with theft from big companies. They have plenty of money. I do have a problem with getting caught, though, and its way too easy to get caught nowadays. So yeah, stealing is not much of an option for me.

I’m sure I’ve missed an option or two. Perhaps something more creative than what I’ve suggested above. World of Warcraft was always my go to game when I got bored, but now that its no longer an option for me, I need something. Suggestions? What do I do? What game do I go for? I need YOUR help, people! Surely you wouldn’t deny your old buddy some sage-like advice. Comment below and give me guidance!



  2. Umm, go look for a job? LOL, JUST KIDDING

    You could try working on some more videos and shiny stuffs for GR, or… come to England, hang with me for a while? Sure my parents wouldn't mind some random 29 year old american that I don't technically know coming to stay for a while!

    Hope I helped!

  3. I've already mentioned it on facebook, but steam just released Alien Swarm for free. It is essentially Left 4 Dead, if it were a top-down shooter with aliens. The simple fact that it was free made me try it out and i ended up loving it. It also has 4 player co-op so that could lead to some fun adventures.

    Another thing you could do is trade-in your old games that you don't play anymore to get credit for another one (an obvious idea but still) like Demon's Souls and Resonance of Fate. Both of those have been out for a while in the USA so should be quite cheap.

    A lovefilm account (i think you have one) or something similar could be used to get games. Yep you would have to wait but atleast you would be playing something. Hell if you wanted, I'D send you a game.

    If you have any good co-op or multiplayer games you could organise a gamer night with some of the GR community. Im sure a lot of us wouldn't mind having a game with you.

    You could use the money from the donation i'm about to send (if this paypal account EVER works) to buy something.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope something here is a worthy option.

  4. You should get yourself online, I have been wanting to play Gears 2, Left for Dead 2 and Resident Evil 5 online but find it hard to find someone sensible to play with. My Xbox Gamertag is Bigrich1979 if you fancy it sometime!

  5. I'm gonna have to agree with Jeremy on the awesomeness of Oblivion. I've had the game for years and there are still achievements I'm getting and places I haven't explored. It's totally perfect for picking up even after months of not playing and just riding around collecting herbs and crap. It's my go to, comforting, soothing game. 🙂

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