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Updates for Podcast 18

New information is now available about a few of the things we discussed on our most recent podcast. Since we recorded it, on Sunday night, we have found out that Amanita Design (makers of Machinarium) have officially decided to forgo working with Microsoft and, instead, Machinarium will be available on PSN, Mac, and Linux. Microsoft refused the game on the grounds that it would not be a Microsoft exclusive. Their loss.

Also, news on the Infinity Ward front! The co-founders of Infinity Ward, Vince Zampella and Jason West, have signed a new publishing deal with EA, and are opening a new studio called Respawn Entertainment. Appropriate name, no? As for Activision and Infinity Ward, they are losing people left and right! Just recently, it was confirmed that long-time Programmer Jon Shiring, Senior Animator Bruce Ferriz AND Modern Warfare 2 Lead Designer Mackey McCandlish have all resigned from the studio. Looks like Activision is in a pickle if Infinity Ward continues to lose key members of its’ team to other studios!

Also, because we are super dorks, there has been an overhaul of design and new information on the Final Fantasy XIV website. As we will all be playing it the day it comes out, we thought it worth mentioning to you guys too. Check it out if you get a chance (and if you care about FFXIV).


Thanks to Dianna for snatching the info for us! Also, below are the original articles we got our information from:



[Infinity Ward]


[Final Fantasy XIV]


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  1. Looks like I need to get a PS3 now, was looking forward to Machinarium on XBLA.

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